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What is PowerShift VST?
The PowerShift Variable Speed Transmission (PVST) System is a simple, yet elegant technology for the transmission of power from one component to another.
Human Powered Vehicles:
Hand Cycles

Electric Vehicles:
Golf Carts
Assist Carts

Conveyor Belt Systems
Clean Environments
PowerShift System
Shifting Technology
PowerShift VST shifting is accomplished using an electronic shift system. Electronic shift systems have recently been developed for derailleur-based transmissions. These systems are very expensive and only work with select gearsets. A relatively inexpensive electronic shift system has been developed and successfully applied to the PVST System. This electronic system works universally with all PVST Systems and Configurations.
Why PowerShift VST?
Because gear changes are accomplished with the chain/belt conveyance remaining in a constant plane, and by simply lifting or lowering the conveyance from one pin row to the next, it is possible to maintain the application of power during the shifting process.
Upcoming Events
August 1, 2011
The 31st National Veterans Wheelchair Games Expo 2011

August - September, 2011
Hand Cycle Protype Testing - Human Engineering Research Labs (HERL)

September - October, 2011
Bench Testing - Human Engineering Research Labs (HERL)